Build for Today’s Challenges
and Tomorrow’s Inevitabilities

EngagePoint delivers ready-to-use solutions for improving and managing program access, outcome, administration, integrity, and the effective use of program dollars.

Solving Issues That Seem Unsolvable

EngagePoint helps you manage today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s inevitabilities while accelerating government migration to a modern, interoperable enterprise. We see challenges, opportunities,
and—most importantly—the future of technology.

Your Road Map To An
Accelerated Transition

We build software to accelerate the government’s transition to a modern, integrated, sustainable enterprise. Ready to meet issues not even yet imagined, EngagePoint creates solutions you own and can evolve long after our work is done.

EngagePoint™ accelerates governments' transition to a modern, integrated, sustainable enterprise by delivering software and services for program modernization, program administration, and program integrity. We follow a principled and proven approach to create innovative solutions that our clients can own and evolve long after our work is done.

By rethinking common business needs with unbridled thought-leaders, EngagePoint created software products targeted at realizing efficiencies while simultaneously providing a dramatically enhanced user experience.

At EngagePoint, we understand the challenges driven by legislative changes, technology innovation, and market demands, and we help our customers meet those challenges every day. We build lasting, long-term partnerships with our clients that will help them succeed.

EngagePoint. Accelerate the transition.